Kawalifed X Sirenz just released their new album art for their upcoming album “Plane Ride From Hell”. The album is set to release Feb. 23rd!


Lea Love drops new single “Doctor”

Lea Love drops new single titled “Doctor” from her upcoming project. Her new single is live on all streaming platforms. If you havnt picked up the new single it is out right now on iTunes!


J Shiu “So Blessed” Album Art & Video

J Shiu just dropped his new album titled “So Blessed”. Keep a lookout, digital copy’s of the album will be out soon! If you havn’t checked out his single “So Blessed” from the album check out his video below!


Eli Mac “Can’t Get Enough”

Eli Mac just released her new single “Can’t Get Enough”. Check it out below! If you havn’t got the chance to pick up the new single its out now on iTunes!

Redmelo just dropped their new EP titled “Smoke and Mirrors”. Their hit single “Masquerade” came from their much anticipated EP, if you didn’t get a chance to hear it check it out below. The new EP is out on iTunes now!


Franskiiz “Now”

Franskiiz just released his new single titled “Now” Check it out below!

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